"After my motorcycle wreck, I woke up in a North Georgia Hospital. Had no memory of the wreck and I had a major shoulder and head injury, which led to overwhelming medical bills and treatment that needed to be taking care of immediately. I had NO MEDICAL INSURANCE and was afraid no one would treat me for my terrible injuries or help me in my case. To make matters worse, the cop gave me a ticket without talking to me. The guys at American Biker Lawyer, Steve and Mark went to the scene as soon as I hired them, took pictures, collected evidence, talked to two witnesses and made measurements and proved to the cops that it was NOT MY FAULT. The other guy’s insurance company agreed, and we eventually settled my case for $450,000.00. Thanks Steve and team!! I’m a perfect example of why you need a specialty team on your side if you are in a bike wreck."

John Cirolia

"First and foremost, I want to personally thank everyone working at American Biker Lawyer. I want to express my appreciation to all their staff, and everyone involved for taking care of me after my motorcycle accident. They even made sure I got paid full value on my bike a week after the wreck. Everyone was always very helpful and polite and easy to get hold of. It was a huge relief to me and my family not to have to worry about dealing with the insurance people. All I had to focus on was healing, knowing that everything else was taken care of. I met Steve at a motorcycle show several times and have read his articles in the biker magazines for years. Again, thank you so much for everything you do for us bikers. Real Bikers, really good lawyers."

Tim Burns

"THE BEST PERSONAL INJURY LAW FIRM in Georgia, hands down! The American Biker Lawyers were incredible in handling my case after my accident from start to finish. I met Steve as he was the Attorney for my A.B.A.T.E. Chapter. (American Bikers Active Toward Education). He kept me in the loop on what was going on with the case, called me regularly to check on how the treatment for my injuries and recovery was going, and were super responsive anytime I had any questions. Everyone who worked on my case did an amazing job, from the secretaries to the Lawyers. If you need a lawyer after a motorcycle accident and want one who will go above and beyond then Steve and his team at “American Biker Lawyers” should be your choice without question. "

Larry Helms

"I was rear-ended at a traffic light and suffered from head, neck, and back injuries after being thrown off my motorcycle. Despite mounting medical bills, the insurance company’s pre-suit offer was only in the low thousands. The A.B.L. team filed suit and, after giving a deposition and taking the deposition of the guy who hit me, they proved he was texting at the time of the wreck. We settled my case for $150,000 at a mediation. All my bills paid, a new bike and plenty of extra for my pain and suffering. Thanks, Steve and thanks all the support staff at ABL. "

Blake Fancher

"The American Biker Lawyer firm have a great team that works well with each other in communicating back and forth, and even kept me in the loop the whole time about my case. My case was difficult as I live in South Carolina and it occurred in Atlanta. They were in touch with me regularly and took all my phone calls explaining things at each step of the way. We Zoomed and Facetimed regularly and eventually settled the case with the guy who hit me and his insurance company. Great results. Highly recommended. "

Darren Burns

"After a crazy T-bone crash, I was left with ankle, back, neck, and shoulder injuries, not to mention a lot of mental trauma and anxiety. I didn’t know where to turn but followed Steve and his cases and adventures on Facebook and he seemed like a nice guy. I called him and he came to the hospital THAT DAY. He took over the whole thing and made sure my medical bills were all paid by my health care after the hospital refused to process my claim. I owed almost $55,000.00 in bills, but Steve and his team made it right. They got the bills paid and I walked away with over $100 Grand after all expenses were paid. Jackie, at the firm deserves a huge shout out as she always helped me with a smile and assisted Steve every step of the way. Thank you A.B.L. team and keep up the great work. All healed up and looking for a new bike!!!"

Tommy G.

"I was involved in a motorcycle accident and I was promptly referred to Steve and Mark at American Biker Lawyer, who specialize in motorcycle wrecks. My club brother used them in his wreck last year. Immediately, they took over my case and made sure everything was handled. They made sure my bike got fixed. They tracked the ticket the Trooper gave the other guy and even went to Court with me when he pled GUILTY to the Failure to Yield ticket. Steve and Mark’s team helped me the entire time and was very professional and responsive each time I called them. Each lawyer even gave me their cell phone and would unbelievably pick up after hours when I occasionally called.  I would recommend them! A.B.L. team rocks, THANKS GUYS!"

Tony A.

"I was involved with a hit and run crash in Marietta, Georgia. I was hurt with just scrapes and bumps, but my wife was on the back and was in ICU for a week, almost died. The American Biker Lawyer Firm came right to the hospital and met with me and my kids. They gave us assurances that all would be OK. The Police tracked down the driver that hit us and American Biker Lawyer sued them immediately. The insurance company tried playing some games and initially offered us only a small amount, basically just for our medical bills but Steve and Mark didn’t back down. They went after the driver AND his insurance company with the threat of a lawsuit and what they called ‘punitive damages’. The insurance company finally offered the full policy limit of $300,000. Steve also got my insurance company to add $10,000 to cover all my out-of-pocket medical copays and deductibles. It was a tough case, but it’s a great example of how experienced lawyers keeps fighting what we deserve instead of settling for a fraction of the insurance policy value. Experience matters, these guys have it."

Anonymous client

"Words cannot express how the American Biker Lawyer team have helped me. I didn’t know where to turn after I got out of the hospital when I had my bike wreck. It was rough in the beginning when I had my accident, but they made my transition to a normal life again easier. They checked on me after the wreck once I got home, and even made sure my medical bills all got paid. My Dad passed away soon after the accident and I was a wreck. The receptionist, Vicky, was awesome to me and when she would check on me, I was crying and she stayed on the phone with me, while I cried and listen to me. That was so comforting. She did not have to do that. Everyone there was so nice. If you are ever in need, if something happens like an accident, they are the people to call. So happy that their Law Firm is specialized to handle motorcycle wrecks. Didn’t know that was even a thing. A truly great team."

Lisa G.

"A driver with a suspended license and warrant for his arrest rear ended the car behind me causing him to wreck into me, sending me crashing into the car in front of me. It totaled my bike and sent me by ambulance to the hospital. I had a closed head injury and a broken arm AND my Harley Davidson was totaled. The guy who caused it all was taken to jail and I thought I was out of luck! Steve filed a lawsuit and went after him and his insurance company. The guy even tried to hide from our efforts to sue him, but Steve’s employee cleverly caught up to the guy and served him. It wasn’t until the insurance company began answering our pre-trial questions that they knew we really meant business. The guy didn’t even show up for his deposition. Instead of going to court, the insurance company settled for seven times what they originally offered. It allowed me to pay all my bills, buy a new bike, and even put a down payment on a condo that I now live in! "

Anonymous client

"Steve, Mark, and the American Biker Lawyer team are amazing! They continued to check in on me throughout my healing process and handled the case soup to nuts. They also recommended amazing doctors to me that treated me till I was back to work. Their front office personnel have great customer service and are very professional. I am very grateful for their assistance and guidance throughout this whole process. They even helped me fix my motorcycle and got me ANOTHER check for my motorcycle safety gear, helmet, jacket, boots and gloves. Thanks, guys."

Anonymous client

"I was in a light ‘fender bender’ and was bumped at a light but I hurt my wrist falling off my bike and had a big dent in my tank and fender. The insurance company somehow got my number and only offered me $500.00. My friend told me about ‘American Biker Lawyer’ and they quickly resolved the case with a fair settlement of $25,000, on top of fixing my bike."

Anonymous client

"American Biker Lawyer team or A.B.L. which they like to be called, treated me like family. They understood how important this case meant to me and they did their best to make sure I got the maximum amount of my money for my case. I trust them so much and highly recommend them for a bike wreck or even a car accident case. American Biker Lawyer firm is the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Georgia. I did my research and they have handled more motorcycle wrecks in Georgia than any other Law Firm. Call them as soon as you get can if you get into a motorcycle accident. You won’t regret it."

Anonymous client

"At the American Biker Lawyer firm, they actually went and had my bike picked up from the wrecker yard. It was my grandfather’s Harley, and I was more concerned with that than I was with my broken ankle from the wreck. The insurance company tried to ‘total’ the bike out and keep it but that bike was very important to me. Steve, at Murrin and Wallace convinced the insurance company to fix it and to let me keep it. It was not your usual motorcycle accident case as I was hit by another motorcycle who had been drinking. First, the insurance company tried to blame our me. Then, they offered me only $2,000 which didn’t cover my ER bill, let alone my grandpa’s bike. Despite the insurance company’s efforts to delay it, Steve and his team quickly got the bike fixed and me an $85,000.00 check for my pain and suffering, in addition to fixing the bike."

Michael F.

"Exceptional law firm! Very professional & resourceful group. My experience & treatment was splendid, it really helped. Awesome staff members as well. Mark and Steve work so well together. They will also keep in close contact with you & update you when any information changes. If you ever in need for some hardworking motorcycle accident lawyers, take my advice and contact them."

Herbert B.

"As a rider, I know the risks we take out on the open road, but other drivers have a responsibility to watch out for bikes. I was in a horrible bike accident involving a tractor trailer, and I broke my arm and a leg as well as my hip socket and was knocked unconscious during the collision. The truck’s insurance company blamed me and continued to deny liability. Steve and his staff did not back down and immediately got to business and filed a lawsuit against the trucking company that was a Texas company. Four months into the process and we were able to get the matter mediated and settled for more than six figures, covering all outstanding medical bills, and providing additional savings for the future. Plus, they got me a check for full value on the bike. This time I bought a convertible."

Anonymous client

"I was referred to American Biker Lawyer firm by a friend. I will have to definitely thank that friend for it. All the people I have dealt with at the American Biker Lawyer firm were very professional and courteous. Steve and Mark and Vicky and Jackie were all awesome. They kept in constant contact with me throughout the entire process and explained everything in a manner that I could understand. The care that I received and the end results were more than I ever expected. Now I will be referring American Biker Lawyer firm to my family and friends. Thank you very much for all that you did for me."

Anonymous client

"The A.B.L. team handled my hit and run case where I had gotten the tag number of the guy who hit me. I was out of work for 7 months he was able to get well over one hundred thousand dollars in my settlement for lost wages. They got my bike replaced and all my medical bills paid. I highly recommend A.B.L if you want your case done right and fast. Thanks, Steve."

Robbie B.

"To everyone at the A.B.L. team, thank you for handling my lawsuits over the past three years. I understand the hard work done for me and appreciate your time and effort. They didn’t charge me anything until the case was over.  I checked law firms and chose yours and I haven’t regrated my choice since my verdict. Thanks for going to bat for me. Would recommend to anyone in a motorcycle wreck."

Carmen F.

"Me and my husband were hit on the highway by "drunk" driver. We called American Biker Lawyer firm from the ER and Steve came right to the hospital at Kennestone where we were getting bandaged up and stitched.  They were so patient, understanding, and kept us updated with everything. Having Steve come to the hospital really comforted us and he even got our bike moved to the dealer so we could have it fixed. The A.B.L. team staff were amazing overall. Thanks Steve and mark and staff. "

Mark S.

"I have been very pleased with their service. They listen to you and give the right advice for you to get the help and treatment you need. They know how to get the most money they can for you. "

Anonymous client

"I was involved in an accident last year when I hired the American Biker Lawyer firm (auto injury) to help me through my situation. They were great throughout as far as checking up on you and making sure everything is taken care of. This was my first auto accident, so I didn't really know what to expect but I love how helpful they were."

Anonymous client

"Big, big thanks to American Biker Lawyer firm! Steve and Mark went above and beyond for me. I sat down with their team after my accident, and I chose them to handle my case.  Best decision I’ve made all year.  If you want hard working people who you can actually speak to, then go with American Biker Lawyer firm! They kept me updated every step of the way and I would definitely recommend them to any and everyone."

Anonymous client

"Getting into a motorcycle accident is horrible and between the stress of getting a new bike, attending therapy, and simply getting your life back, the last thing you want to deal with is going back and forth with lawyers or a company. Working with American Biker Lawyer team was great. They were beyond responsive and always kept us abreast on everything going on. I greatly enjoyed working them and highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in this situation."

Anonymous client

"Last year I was in a car accident and the very next day reached out to the American Biker Lawyer team. Being new to the Atlanta area, I had to rely on Google Reviews to select a firm to represent my case. I am so glad I chose the American Biker Lawyer team! They had great reviews and they truly delivered for me! They immediately connected me with medical professionals to begin treating me and helping me recover from my injuries, not only did they reach out to me to give me updates of my case and to check on my health and wellbeing, anytime I needed updates or questions I could count on any of the staff members to assist with my questions or concerns. I highly recommend this firm for any personal injury claims!"

Anonymous client

"I was involved in a personal auto accident back in August of 2020 of last year and I was represented by The American Biker Lawyer Law Firm from the start, and they have taking very good care of me, and they checked on me on a weekly basis and they were very detailed with my case, and they really help me through this trying time. I will definitely use them again in the future and I will refer them to others. Thanks again to the American Biker Lawyer team."

Anonymous client

"The American Biker Lawyer team handled my case from last year I wasn't expecting to receive anything because it was a year later when I finally was made aware that I could receive compensation for my injuries. They are very professional and genuinely care about you I received phone calls with updates to my case, I was never left out of the loop. I received a nice settlement all I can say is if you were injured in a car accident, I recommend you call the American Biker Lawyer team ASAP!"

Anonymous client

"Everything about my case was handled professionally. I love the fast turnout, I would recommend the American Biker Lawyer team firm to all who need good people to handle their case. You guys are amazing. Thank you for the good service you provided me and my family."

Anonymous client

"My experience with American Biker Lawyer team was professional and exceptional. After my car accident in May of 2020, I was recommended by my friend. They helped me step by step and even got the best help for my severe back pain. I would recommend them, 10/10 job."

Anonymous client

"The American Biker Lawyer team represented me after I was involved in a major car accident which left me with injuries and hospital bills. I called the American Biker Lawyer team and they quickly got to work on my case, assuring me that they would be able to get me through this hardship. Their team went over and beyond for me, and I am so grateful for them. Today, we are closing my case and my medical bills are completely covered, also leaving me with enough to start fresh. The American Biker Lawyer team cares about their clients and they actually listen to you, doing everything in their power to meet your needs in a timely manner. They were always very professional, and should I ever find myself in this position again, they will absolutely be the first people I call. Thank you so much American Biker Lawyer team for everything you have done for me!"

Anonymous client